Pro Football Training is the brainchild of former Professional players Barry Wood and Mark Lee. The concept has been much discussed in various different coffee houses around Perth but was finally brought to life in August 2009 when Pro Football Training launched the first Training Camp, which was attended by 24 players from throughout the metro area.

We are currently engaging over 1600 children per week across various different school and club based programs.

Pro Football Training Mission Statement

Pro Football Training aims to make a positive contribution to the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Lifestyle development of all players.

By providing a safe, professional learning environment it is expected that individuals will be given the opportunity to maximise their potential. In pursuit of this goal PFT coaches will help each player to ‘Be the Best they can Be‘.

Ultimately, the objective is to produce ‘young players’ who will go on to reach their full potential and always have football as a positive part of their lives.

Take 10 with Barry & Mark

Meet our Staff

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