Training children in self-confidence is a strategy for success – not just for sport, but FOR LIFE!

Jeff Bookman, is a former Chelsea Player and Academy Coach, FA Coach Educator and Co-Author of P-A-C-T.

As well as coaching for Chelsea FC he was a Head Coach with the David Beckham Academy and has worked with many of the best players in the world including Lionel Messi.

He launched Inside Soccer which was a pioneer in the world of online coaching and resources.

He is the Co-Author of P-A-C-T (Positive Attitude and Character Training) which he presented to us on our England Tour in 2023.



Like us he is passionate about helping children to become the best they can be and we are really excited to be partnering with P-A-C-T here in Australia.

P-A-C-T is available now, you can register by emailing